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https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEX7wuPp1XUmUXA49sw_fBw 腾讯视频独家播出Tencent Video 2017年12月4日20:00 梁山伯与祝英台新传The Butterfly Lovers 主演 : 晏紫东 饰 梁山伯 Yan ZiDong as Liang ShanBo 陈梦希 饰 祝英台 Chen MengXi as Zhu YingTai 林枫松 饰 马文才 Lin FengSong as Ma WenCai 翻译:YIFC字幕组 内嵌:YIFC视图组 梁山伯与祝英台的爱情故事,是中华民族世代相传的爱情绝唱。 “生不能同衾,死也要同穴”的梁祝被誉为东方的“罗密欧与朱丽叶”。 The love story of Liang ShanBo and Zhu YingTai is a long and wide-spread Chinese national love masterpiece. The lovers who would rather die together than live apart are also hailed as the oriental version of "Romeo and Juliet". 中国东晋时期(约公元317年—420年),门第风气极盛。上虞 三品官员祝公远为了巩固朝中地位攀附权贵,将独生女儿祝英台许 配马氏太守之子马文才。 In East Jin Dynasty (about 317AD-420AD), the custom of pedigree was prevailing. Shangyu official Zhu GongYuan, in an attempt to consolidate his status in the court by clinging to the bigwigs, contracted a marriage between his daughter Zhu YingTai and Ma WenCai, the son of Prefecture Chief Ma. 祝英台并非云鬓花颜,娇婉柔丽的女子,相反却是一位活泼爽 朗、略带几分男性气概的巾帼。她为试探马文才的才华与其互通书 信,不想却发现端倪。 More than a soft and gentle lady, Zhu YingTai was a vivacious and brave girl with some masculinity. She corresponded with Ma WenCai to test his literary talent, only to found some signs. 为一探究竟祝英台女扮男装去了马文才就读的萧山书院。在去 书院的路上遇到了出来采购的书生梁山伯,一见如故,在草桥亭义 结金兰。祝英台也在阴差阳错之下发现了马文才书信的秘密。 To find out the truth, Zhu YingTai disguised as a man and went to the academy which Ma WenCai attended. On her way to the academy, she came across Liang ShanBo, who was out for shopping. They struck up a friendship at the first meeting, and became sworn "brothers" at the Grassbridge Pavilion. Zhu YingTai accidentally found the secret about Ma's letters. 待山伯去祝家求婚时,才知英台为女子,并已许配马文才。美满姻缘,已成沧影。二人楼台相会,泪眼相向,凄然而别。临别时,立下誓言:“生不能同衾,死也要同穴!”。后梁山伯虽被朝廷召为县令,然波折不断忧郁成疾,不久身亡。 Being poor, Liang didn't arrive at the appointed time. When he finally got to the Zhu's to propose marriage, he learned that Zhu was actually a girl and had already been bonded by marriage to Ma WenCai. The hope of conjugal felicity came to naught. Liang and Zhu met in tears and parted in sadness. Upon parting, they vowed that they would die together rather than live apart. Later on, Liang was made county magistrate by the court, but died young shortly after a chequered and melancholy short term. 祝英台跪倒山伯墓前哀恸悲嚎,苍天感应,风雨雷电大作, 坟墓爆裂,英台翩然跃入坟中,墓复合拢,风停雨霁,彩虹高悬。 梁祝化为蝴蝶,在人间蹁跹飞舞。 Kneeling down at Liang's grave, Zhu grieved and lamented so loudly and sadly that the Heaven sensed it and sympathized with their story. The storm burst with a tremendous peal of thunder and a rush of rain, and the grave burst open. Zhu trippingly leapt into it, and the grave closed again. The thunder and rain stopped, the sky cleared and the rainbow hung high. Liang and Zhu transformed into butterflies, fluttering and dancing in the world. 这生死相依,至死不渝的梁祝爱情如“罗密欧与朱丽叶”一样, 看似一个悲剧故事然崇尚自由、歌颂生命的鲜活主题深深打动着热 爱生活的人们的心灵。 Just like Romeo and Juliet, the loyal love between Liang and Zhu is seemingly a tragedy. Nevertheless, the vivid theme of pursuing liberty and glorifying life has been deeply impressing the heart of those who love life. 本集看点: 梁祝初相遇 第一集剧情概览: 祝家有女唤英台 豆蔻梢头喜玩闹 马祝官商通有无 自此口头定姻亲 偷换男装访闺蜜 双生情信现端倪 为求真相始跷家 白日放歌渴饮茶 画蝶为缘结知己 画摊解围真情谊 梁祝初会风云际 千古绝唱就此起,医学部受験生を応援します! 当サイトは医師を目指す医学部受験生のための「医学部受験生のための情報サイト」の姉妹サイトです。

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