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Dr. Susan Brown welcomes you to her kitchen while she shares her recipe for ginger tea—her favorite alkalizing and anti-inflammatory beverage! She gives you the amazing benefits of ginger as well as her tips and tricks for an amazing cup of home-made fresh ginger tea! http://www.betterbones.com/blog/post/Fresh-Ginger-Tea.aspx Learn more about bone health: www.betterbones.com Check us out on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/betterbonesbetterbody/ Exercise for bone health: patreon.com/betterbones Transcription: hi I'm Susan Brown welcome to my kitchen today we're going to talk about my favorite beverage of choice which is ginger tea ginger is a root that has been known for 5000 years it first appeared in ancient texts of Ayurvedic medicine in India and in fact ginger probably originated in India although it's spread over the entire world it has such medicinal qualities that has been recognized all over as such a healing food it is a great antioxidant it's a great anti-inflammatory it helps with arthritis pain it helps to reduce inflammation and it's also been shown even to help defend against ovarian cancer that it actually has some capability to bring death to ovarian cancer cells a very very fascinating route a delicious tea that's great for the winter warms up a lot really helps digestion ginger is also known to prevent nausea so it's good for so many things ginger tea my favorite alkalizing beverage it's also very alkalizing very mineral rich so here's what we do really simple you get some nice plump ginger you want a juicy ginger nice and fresh if you can get it you wash it off and then dry it with a paper towel we've got this ginger all prepared and you take about what would be a tablespoon of ginger for every cup of tea you want to make so in this case I'm thinking of making three cups of tea I might take a piece of ginger save this size and then what we do you can you can slice the ginger in little pieces or you can also grate it just simply grate it up what we've done here is we've graded three tablespoons of ginger so it's all ready to go very nice fresh aromatic ginger real simple you just take this ginger and then you transfer it into a pot this is a saucepan that we have here so we have this grated ginger roughly three tablespoons because I'm thinking three cups of teeth we put this in a saucepan and then we take our boiling water and put it right in the saucepan now there's many ways to make ginger tea but this is really my favorite so we take the boiling water I pre measured roughly three cups you put the boiling water right with the ginger and then what we do is we turn the burner on and let it steep I might watch a second to make sure it brings it to a little bit of a boil but we do I generally let it steep maybe for 10 minutes we cover it up turn it to a low temperature and let it steep for 10 minutes so you'll notice that the house begins to have a wonderful aroma of ginger we let the steep for maybe 10-15 minutes doesn't need to boil too hard and then we're ready to have ginger tea so now the ginger has been cooking very gently for 10 or 15 minutes you can smell a lovely aroma we take the ginger tea and we strain it you'd like to have nice clear ginger tea and not too many pieces of ginger so we strain it and then you see it's a lovely color we put it into it in this case I'm going to put it into a cup and what because I have just kind of getting over a cold I'm very I really like the effect of honey so I put maybe a teaspoon of honey in here and I also like to use lemon you don't need to use lemon but if you have that feeling that lemon would be really good for you I oh I'm really the original do lesson accomplished more so I do lemon just like I was taught to do in in South America you just squeeze it with a little fork put a little lemon in there and then we're going to have a very tasty lemon ginger tea a tea that will help reduce inflammation help to correct any tendency towards arthritis a great antioxidant great anti-inflammatory and a great alkalizing tea my beverage of choice choice ginger tea I hope you enjoy it too let's see how it tastes siliceous very warming particularly this is kind of a winter's day very warming tea now what we'd like you to do look at your ginger recipes think about how you like to prepare ginger doesn't need to be a tea it can be in any recipe why don't you post your recipe on Facebook our Facebook is better bones better body Facebook you post your recipe there and we're going to look at those carefully and we're going to give a copy of dr. Ann Lewis's wonderful book called kiss your life to the person who offers us the recipe that we think is most interesting and likely most delicious again this is Susan Brown wishing you lifelong health and lots of ginger tea see you later,医学部受験生を応援します! 当サイトは医師を目指す医学部受験生のための「医学部受験生のための情報サイト」の姉妹サイトです。

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