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更多精彩内容请订阅关注:http://www.youtube.com/user/jinrishuofa 《今日说法》本期节目主要内容:《今日说法》诞生于1999年1月2日,是中央电视台第一档全日播法制栏目,已经成为家喻户晓的品牌栏目。栏目秉持"点滴记录中国法治进程"的理念,以"重在普法,监督执法,促进立法、服务百姓"为宗旨,全力打造"中国人的法律午餐"。栏目收视排名长期稳居央视前列,影响力持续增强;《12.4年度法治人物颁奖盛典》《小撒探会》等特别节目铸就高端品质,使栏目实现了更大的社会动员能力和普法功能。敬请关注本期节目内容。 More exciting content, please subscribe concern: http://www.youtube.com/user/jinrishuofa "Today's statement," In this program, the main content: "Today's statement" was born on January 2, 1999, China Central Television broadcast the first tranche of full legal part, has become a household brand column. Column uphold the "rule of law in China drip recording process" concept, "focusing on the Franco-Prussian, supervision and law enforcement to promote the legislation, service people" for the purpose, to build "China's legal lunch." Long-term ratings columns ranked ranked the forefront of CCTV, the influence has continued to improve; "rule of law figures annual awards ceremony 12.4" "Xiaosa exploration" and other special e,医学部受験生を応援します! 当サイトは医師を目指す医学部受験生のための「医学部受験生のための情報サイト」の姉妹サイトです。

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