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From Dropa Stones to Impossible Fossils here are 13 Mysterious Unexplained Ancient Artifacts. Can you BELIEVE these exist? Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 3 - Double Medieval Child In 1992, remains were discovered near Germany's Frankfurt Cathedral, the gravesites contained two children apparently buried together sometime between 700 and 730 AD. A double funeral for children of the same era isn't by itself unusual, what makes this case perplexing is, one of the child mummies belonged to a royal Merovingian who received a Christian burial, while the other found child cadaver had been given a Scandinavian Pagan burial. The children were honored many years after their death with careful placement of a royal chapel next to their gravesite. One of the recovered female bodies appears to have had high status as her clothes and jewellery were studded in gold and precious stones, the other deceased little girl wore a Scandinavian amulet. Bear bones were mixed in with the grave dirt, could this be a sign of the close ties between northern Europe and the Germanic tribes? Perhaps the two children were promised to each other for marriage to bring the clans together. The story which led to this bizarre double burial has historians rethinking much of what we think about European history. 2 - Excalibur In 1825, a mysterious sword with a cryptic code inscribed on the blade was discovered in the River Witham near Lincoln England. The sword is speculated to date back to the 13th century, but the 18-letter inscription contained in the middle of the metal has yet to be cracked. The British Library, where the sword is stored, even reached out for help in dissolving the mystery etched into the blade. The sharply honed edgework on the sword makes some theorise the sword was manufactured in ancient Germany. Others insist the two grooves which run parallel were more common to Viking swordsmanship. The cross-shaped hilt is largely associated with Christianity, and both Vikings and Germans during this timeframe are believed to have been pagan. The letters are carved into the metal blade with fine golden wire, the message reads NDXOXCHWDRGHDXORVI, the characters appear to be from medieval England. The language and the message within, as well as the actual origin, remains unknown. Some whisper that this sword may be none other than the legendary weapon of King Arthur, Excalibur. 1 - Betz Sphere In 1974, the Betz family while inspecting damages of a mysterious fire in their Florida backyard discovered a curious metallic orb. The family brought the sphere home, and that’s when the bizarre occurrences began. The family poodle whimpered and placed her paws over her ears when near the orb. Next, the family discovered if music was played nearby, the device would resonate and vibrate, like a tuning fork, different musical notes made the object hum at different frequencies. When the metal ball was pushed across the floor, the sphere would stop on its own and change directions, often a few times per roll, at a perfect 90-degree angle, before returning to the original spot it was first pushed. One demonstration showed the object rolled and changed directions for 12 minutes, without a single pause. Sunlight caused the sphere to vibrate tremendously, like a motor was inside. Afterwards, eerie music, doors slamming and other creepy supernatural occurrences began. The device was turned over to the United States military, whose scientists issued massive tests, but results, remained inconclusive. The artifact was tested by researchers the world over, but remained, inconclusive. One professor suggested this device was potentially extraterrestrial, and possibly, a doomsday device. Some time later, the Betz sphere mysteriously went missing. Did the US government confiscate it? Could the Betz family still have the orb? Did aliens reclaim their missing technology? The world may never know.,医学部受験生を応援します! 当サイトは医師を目指す医学部受験生のための「医学部受験生のための情報サイト」の姉妹サイトです。

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