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The Planets are back! How many moons does each Planet have? Follow Vincent on a tour of the solar system to find out and meet many of the moons of our solar system. A wonderful new, educational children’s song that the whole family will enjoy! It’s all about Planets and their Moons and a follow-up song to our “Meet the Planets” and “Meet the Dwarf Planets” songs! Vincent has already introduced you to Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the Dwarf Planets Pluto Ceres, Eris, Makemake, and Haumea! Now meet several of the moons of each planet as they introduce themselves. This Song is an online exclusive sneak peek single from our upcoming new kid’s album featuring the Nirks puppet characters. All of our songs are available on I-tunes, Amazon and CD Baby. They are great for back-to-school, classrooms, children’s choirs, school showcases, and entertainment, plus all of our songs have a sing-a-long karaoke instrumental versions too! Perfect for in school performances or just singing along with at home! Smart Music for Smart Kids! ENJOY! https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/inaworld19 LYRICS: [CHORUS] How Many Moons does each planet have Let’s go ask each one and we’ll see How many moons does Mercury have? Do you have any moons for us to meet? I’m Mercury and I don’t have a moon I’m too close to the Sun’s gravity My gravitational pull isn’t strong enough The Sun would pull any moons away from me (SUN – sorry) How Many moons do Venus and Earth have? I am Venus and I also have no moons It could be due to the Sun’s gravity Or maybe I had a moon a long time ago, That’s orbit decayed and it crashed right into me (Ouch!) I am the Earth and I have just one moon Look up into the sky and you will see Luna is her name and she’s my best friend She helps control the ocean tides for me [CHORUS] I am Planet Mars and I have 2 moons! Phobos and Deimos are their names (hello!) Both are oddly shaped and not round at all Compared to asteroids they’re almost same My name Phobos in Greek means fear and panic I orbit Mars 3 times every day (I’m realty fast) My name Deimos in Greek means terror and dread A 30 hour orbit round Mars is my my way How Many Moons Does Jupiter Have? I’m Jupiter and I have at least 69 moons! They hide behind me and we just keep finding more My gravitational pull is so strong that moons are drawn to me Let me introduce my biggest – The Galilean four I’m Io, and I am covered With Volcanic Activity The sulfur on my surface makes me colorful site I’m Europa and my surface is covered in ice There may be an ocean beneath it contains life (look space fish) I’m Ganymede, I’m Unique, I have my own magnetic field And I’m the largest moon in the solar system I’m even bigger than Mercury I’m Callisto and I am very old I’m heavily covered in craters which shows my history Hello! It’s me Saturn and I have at least 62 moons Some like Pan and Daphnis were even found hiding in my Rings These Shepard moons stay close to me in and around my ring system Here are a few more of my moons to tell you more interesting things I’m Titan, 2nd largest moon in the solar system, and the only moon with an atmosphere I’m Iapetus, and I have a striking color pattern; one side light and one side dark I’m Hyperion and I have a flattened shape, I rotate chaotically around the Planet I’m Mimas and I have a huge crater from an impact that nearly split me in two [CHORUS] I’m Uranus and I have at least 27 moons It’s great out here to have so much company Their names mostly come from Shakespearean characters Instead of being named from Greek mythology I’m Titania and I am Oberon; the first two large moons to be discovered here. I am Ariel the brightest moon of Uranus; I’m Umbriel the darkest one. We’re Cordelia and Ophelia, we’re shepherd moons, We’re close to the rings and keep them well defined. I’m Miranda and I’m quite unique, with cracks 12 times deeper than the Grand Canyon [CHORUS] My name is Neptune and I have at least 14 moons. It’s really dark out here so there could be more to see 6 of my moons were discovered by Voyager 2 It lit up the darkness that surrounds all of me I’m Triton the largest Neptunian moon, I orbit Neptune backwards in retrograde My surface is covered in icy volcanoes, I’m one of the coldest places in the solar system I’m Nereid and I have the weirdest orbit, I get close to the planet then as far as I can go I’m Proteus, Voyager 2 found me, because I’m one of the darkest objects in the solar system How many moons does each planet have? Now we have the answers that we seek Moons of every shape and size are out in space Each planetary system is unique How many more moons are still hiding out Keep Looking through your telescope to see You could be the next to discover one And then your moon will go down in history ©January 2018 by Goes To Eleven Media (ASCAP),医学部受験生を応援します! 当サイトは医師を目指す医学部受験生のための「医学部受験生のための情報サイト」の姉妹サイトです。

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