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We’ve all seen it, maybe it’s even happened to you. We’re talking about horrible parking jobs, the kind that really makes you want to rip your hair out in anger. To make you feel a little bit better about your own parking experiences, here are some of the Best Bad Parking Revenges. #7 - Strength In Numbers We mentioned something about using a friend and this is exactly what we meant by it. As you can see from this picture, these people are blocking in the one person who was clearly parking like a jerk. We aren’t sure how long they had them trapped in that spot, but we’re sure that they learned the lesson after that. #6 - The Grumpy Cat Version Out of all of the angry notes left in response to absolutely atrocious parking jobs, the one in this picture is our favorite. That might just be because of the fact that Grumpy Cat is the cutest, but either way, this note rocks. We almost want to park badly just to get one for ourselves. #5 - Princess It is really bad when you are being made fun of and you are called a “princess.” Yes, it’s probably seen as a compliment if you were a six-year-old girl, but then again, six-year-old little girls don’t spend their time driving cars since that’s illegal. Since it’s a safe bet that the driver of the vehicle in this picture is NOT a little girl, the insulting title of “princess” seems pretty fair and fitting. #4 - Stones Falling The scene pictured here is one of two things. It is either a really unfortunate accident and a poor choice of parking or it was still a bad parking spot and someone flung a giant concrete stone on top of this car’s hood. You can decide which is the truth, either way, the car was parked in a bad spot and is now in need of more than just a few repairs. #3 - The So-Called “Smart Car” The car trapped in this picture is supposed to be a “smart car,” but it doesn’t appear that it has made any sort of good decision. Another person not to piss off with your parking job is a person who has the means and the know how to trap your Smart Car in so tight that you’ll be asking yourself how you drove off the lot with the stupidest decision of your life in the first place. This car doesn’t seem so smart now, does it? #2 - Egg-cellent Parking Job We really couldn’t even begin to try to guess what the owner of the car in this picture was thinking when they parked their car. It isn’t a nice car or anything that needed all of the extra spaces to ensure that the paint job wouldn’t get dinged up so we really couldn’t tell you what’s up besides that we believe that this person has a big ego. If that is the case, we do think that justice, in its own way, has been served, with a side order of eggs. Apparently, we weren’t the only people who thought that this person’s parking job sucked, they were just the ones able to do something about it. This is the worst and best bad parking revenge there is. #1 - Tell The Office The letter posted in this picture would work if this was in a parking garage in a large office building. If you could get everyone on board with whatever prank or high praise you give them, depending on how you interpret the note, you could really make this person’s life pretty miserable. Since they felt they were important enough to take up two spaces in the garage, others will make sure that they feel just how important they are every day for the rest of the year. Hopefully, the person wasn’t their boss or that would be a whole different conversation. Your boss is allowed to park wherever they want and however they want, you go try to tell them otherwise.,医学部受験生を応援します! 当サイトは医師を目指す医学部受験生のための「医学部受験生のための情報サイト」の姉妹サイトです。

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